It happened to me so often that someone knew someone, who has been some day somewhere really nice, but nobody could remember where. Well i would like to share the small or great escape with you and keep the vacation feeling always in the picture.

Today I launch a new category places on my blog. I would like to post about great places to stay if you want to sneak out of daily craziness.

The 1st location is a stylish and spacious place on Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge called STAY, that makes everybody want to stay forever.

Islands Brygge 79A
2300 Copenhagen S

phone: +45 7244 4434

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when mr. heavy rain and mrs. cold breeze came along tonight, i pulled out the cozyonthecouchblanket and cruised the web looking for some inspiration that could extend the summer just a little bit. well, i got stuck at the lovely michael kors fall10 collage of fashiongirl. can’t wait for fall to come to jump into some new outfits that look hot and keep warm.

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Even if summer is on it’s way to retire for this year, I couldn’t resist to post some of my favorite outfits from blogging babe Karla Deras. Keep up with Karla’s wardrobe at

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