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First snow has always something special. This morning I found my city covered with a thin layer of snow and myself panicking about an appropriate outfit. It’s official now – winter-wonderland-season has started. Enjoy! Have a nice frosty weekend with a lot of heat from the inside! Kiss xxx

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What a great idea to host a little winter market.  Artists, Bloggers and Craftspeople curated this cute handmade market in Portland. This is how I imagine the perfect x-mas shopping. If you know a similar market in your area, please leave a comment!

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Who is in the mood for a time out in nature and extreme serenity?

Villa Vals in Switzerland is one of the coolest and unique holiday homes I’ve come across. I just can’t get enough of dutch design melting with alpine romance. This Place made it straight away into the top ten of my to-do-list 2011. Wouldn’t it be fun to enjoy some days of Heidi life in this extraordinary cabin? After a long day at the famous spa Therme Vals , which is just around the mountain corner, it must be heaven to get cozy on a Hella Jongerious couch and fall asleep covered by some Claudy Jongstra blankets…

project by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller
photos by Iwan Baan

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Photo by Thomas Hartley

Put Berlin in your pocket and speed up! …with the latest gadget by Eric Morel. I love the twittery style.
For everyone who didn’t know, he’s my man …and of course the best designer on earth!

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