Time flies when you have fun! It’s already end of March and feel time has been pushing the fast forward button. I couldn’t resist to take a picture of this beautiful vintage calendar. It’s so Karl Lagerfeld!

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source: elle & socialitelife

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 – one of my favorite shows of Paris Fashion Week.
Nonchalant, elegant and scandalous. The look of the charming operator (photo #8) is as amazing as the attitude of Kate.

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This “dream come true” flagship store of Deus has been started by a group of dedicated surfers who also happen to be passionate motorcycle enthusiasts. This looks like the perfect business plan for me.
Who wants to join for a shopping tour in the “Temple of enthusiasm”?

check out their blog here

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Pink, the color which has been my best friend in the 80’s, came back for more. I used to have a neon pink swimsuit and I was convinced that this color could do magic. Is neon pink really helping us to look tanned and healthy?
It’s amazing how pink can spice up every outfit and mood. I’m addicted. Welcome back!

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