Greetings from Paris!!! I’m spending a looong weekend in this crazy town and I’m so happy. Just need to find a nice taxi scooter who will take me from A to B as fast as possible. Have to hurry…. life is short! Salut!

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French wedding part three.

I have to admit that I am always a little very lost in translation when it comes to French conversation. Sometimes I really hope that some glasses of red wine will help me to turn into a native speaker. What do you think?

Instead of turning into a stylish Frenchy, I pull out my camera and capture the beauty of the moment. There she was. Mona. Young, elegant and very adorable. Love the mix of pattern and texture of her dress as much as the pink nails.

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I’m always fascinated when I run into real ladies. When I’m talking about a real lady, I’m thinking of a woman who age in style. Having a lifetime experience of “how to look fantastic” is the most adorable thing of getting older. Don’t you think so?

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I’m just back from France where I have been invited to a very French wedding in Brittany. Right in the middle of the party crowd, I spotted Clémence in her electric blue dress. Very nice and sexy. Just like a French summer evening … Santé!

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Today I am very happy to share some snapshots and the first video I made during the Irene Luft show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

I’m always amazed about the entire show around the actual show. There is so much tension while waiting to get seated. Once you take a seat and wait for the show to start, the air is so electric. Ohhh no, don’t think that the people are excited to see the fashion for the next spring summer season.
No, we are all so excited about spotting a very-important-rich-and-famous person that possibly sit right next to us. So many questions might go through all the fashion brains: Am I dressed cooler than the one next to me? Will some blogger ask to take a picture of me? … and who is that girl that has been spotted by the photographers just a second ago???
Well, it wasn’t me! Nobody ask for a picture of my outfit or the number of my dermatologist. I prepared my camera for what might come next and I was happy like a little kid when finally the show began.

Irene Luft has introduced a very nice elegant Spring / Summer collection for 2012. I love the fresh colors and the way she combined them with the lace details.

Hope you enjoy the little film. Please take a seat right next to me and enjoy!


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Choosing the perfect wedding-guest-party outfit can be a very difficult and frustrating journey. I always get stressed about hunting for the most adorable outfit at least a month before the actual day. Every time I found something I could possibly add to my wish list, all the remarks pop up like champagne bubbles: Don’t look nicer than the bride! Don’t come in white! Don’t look too boring! The end of the day my motto turned into: Don’t wanna go naked …, right?!
We should have a look at the British ladies, who understand very well how to spice up every outfit. The solution seems to be a big hat or a dramatic fascinator. I was brave enough to go for some fascination on my head. No regrets!



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Today I am very happy and proud to present you my new blog project Bambino Street Style. It’s a new blog about kids, their style, lovely details and funky patterns. I have always been amazed by the creativity of kids when it comes to fashion, even if it tells us sometimes more about the parents. Please share your tips and ideas with me.

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