via Lucas Maassen

The very talented Dutch designer Lucas Maassen knows best how to surprise us with new creative ideas and how to keep his boys busy.

I’m very touched by this project, because it has been almost 10 years since we have studied together and the oldest son was born. So nice to see how he inspires the next generation to keep up the creative work.
… and I stop and stare how fast time goes by.


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Happy new year & bonne année!
The first day of the year has always something special. It’s like facing the blank page.
What about the good resolutions, wishes and hopes? This year I’m loaded with new ideas and resolutions and I hope I can keep it up.

Here are my favorite resolutions:
1. feel good about yourself
2. stay creative
3. decelerate

I’m gonna take a nice bath now and keep dreaming of a great, sunny new year. What about you? Any tips and ideas how to make 2012 a really good one?

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