It doesn’t stop raining and I feel like this little dog. Wet & without a moped.

Today has been time to say good bye to the great vintage motorbike, which I have borrowed from my generous brother. It was the coolest and oldest moped, I have ever put my ass on. I drove it back to my brothers place, 350km – through the rain – in my car – with open windows (because the fuel smelled so badly) Now I need a Schnaps to digest this lost. Prost!

May 7, 2012 • NQSW shots, SpottedNo Comments

Here are my favorite shots from the funky Vespa-Anrollern event at Winterfeldtplatz. I just can’t get enough of the energy, the passion and the diverse style of the scooter boys & girls.


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It’s Vespa season and you have smelled it! Big time!!!
I have been today at a scooter “come together” at the Winterfeldt Platz in Schöneberg, Berlin. The locals call it “Anrollern”, when hundreds of Vespa fans are starting the moped season by showing off their amazing scooters, followed by a parade though the streets of Berlin. Oh, I’m soooo in the mood for a ride! Can someone pass me a Vespa please!?