// cool kid

Berlin’s new skater generation is cool and creative when it comes to fight the winter boredom. Teenagers, who converted their skateboard into a skid board are fun to watch. Love their joy and enthusiasm.

January 31, 2014 • NQSW shots, SpottedNo Comments // happy christmas

I’m wishing everyone a wonderful holiday full of harmony and love.
May your year 2014 be full of happiness, fun and beauty. Stay healthy!

Kisses Babette

December 22, 2013 • NQSW shots, SpottedNo Comments // Parisian Fall

Paris in November looks even on a cloudy day pretty decadent and chic. My plants are jealous. Wearing already winter gear and waiting for the first snow is not as glamorous as posing on a Parisian balcony.

November 18, 2013 • NQSW shots, SpottedNo Comments