Traveling by car all the way to Paris is a long and exciting adventure. Especially if you are taking a break at Château de la Resle in the heart of Burgundy, France. This luxury bed and breakfast has been the cherry on the cake of our trip. The Dutch sweethearts Pieter and Johan turned this place into a dream come true. Lovely rooms with great style, an amazing selection of contemporary art and a breakfast to kill for, makes you wanna stay there forever. There is so much more to share about this great place that I have to split the post. So stay tuned for more la Resle stories.

If you can’t wait, have a look at www.chateaudelaresle.com

May 14, 2011 • NQSW shots, PlacesNo Comments

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  1. Romy says:

    Wooow, amazing pictures, that will definitely be our next place to go to!! Have a great Sunday, xx

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