A good coffee in the morning makes my day! For years I have been very bialetti, until I tasted a Belgium drip coffee. My friend was using a simple filter and ever since I am so melitta. I fell in love with this beautiful ceramic filter, bought it and took it home. Using freshly ground coffee is the best there is. The coffee is so mild and soft with an amazing flavor. Believe it or not – I turned into an early bird! Just love it when the apartment smells like coffee all morning.

What about you? How does your perfect coffee-moment looks like?

Ps: In the afternoon, I’m still so bialetti.


April 26, 2012 • NQSW shots, SpottedNo Comments

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  1. Lisa says:

    I enjoy my coffee the Italian way with a cloud of milk on top. Reading a good magazine in the sunshine on the balcony makes the magic coffee moment complete.

  2. Marta says:

    Hi Babette,
    I’ve just read about melitta’s drip and just loved it! I’ll buy one for my husband for christmas and just wonder if I should buy one or two. I’d like to enjoy coffee with him at the morning, but don’t know if it’s better to have 2 melittas – one per one cup or one melitta per a cup is enought? Hope you’ll solve my problem.

    All the best and keep writing!

    • b. says:

      Hey Marta,

      What a nice Christmas idea. I have a Porcelain No.2 Pour-Over filter Cone, with a ‘102’ written on it. That’s the perfect size for a good coffee mug in the morning. (250ml/8oz) I use the filter directly on my mug.

      Making coffee with the filter is fast and easy. No problem to pour one coffee’s after the other. You just have to refresh the paper-filter.
      Two Melittas are not really necessary, just very romantic 😉 …and if you really need one more, just order one later.

      He’s a lucky man! Having a woman like you plus delicious coffee in the morning.

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