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Traveling is one of my favorite activities. Since I’m terribly afraid of taking the plane, I go by car. Driving the highway is like meditation for me. The change of landscape, climate, people and language is impressive and inspiring.
I went to France for a while. I’ve been testing for you some supercute French bed & breakfast. Now I’m back, loaded with tons of photos, memories and a French accent. More soon.

Ps: This cute piece of art has been hanging in front of the b&b door, reminding me every day that I should turn into a permanent tourist. // Kühn Keramik showroom Berlin // Kühn Keramik showroom Berlin // Kühn Keramik showroom Berlin // Kühn Keramik showroom Berlin

Let’s start this year with a new category on the blog called “My favorite shops”.

Today I want to take you to the showroom of Kühn Keramik in Berlin. It’s one of the most beautiful shops in Berlin when it comes to interior decoration. I’m totally in love with their dog design and selection of ceramics and accessories.

Kühn Keramik, Yorckstraße 18, 10965 Berlin
open Wednesday to Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-16:00 - too high

It’s taking me higher, higher…. higher off the ground. When I came across this little boy, for a reason I heard Kylie singing.

May 6, 2013 • NQSW shots, Spotted1 Comment