The new collection from Chanel is magic. Ivory, silver and salmon combined with black lines and pearls, pure elegance. Do we really have to wait until next Spring to be Chanel?

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Garance Doré

Don’t miss NY Fashion Week!
Take a seat next to Garance Doré and you will have the time of your life. Discover the coolest details, the hottest designers and the most fun “Changing Lifestyles” tips on her blog. Her front row pictures and her sense of humor are brilliant. Greetings from my NYC couch.

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Today I am very happy to share some snapshots and the first video I made during the Irene Luft show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

I’m always amazed about the entire show around the actual show. There is so much tension while waiting to get seated. Once you take a seat and wait for the show to start, the air is so electric. Ohhh no, don’t think that the people are excited to see the fashion for the next spring summer season.
No, we are all so excited about spotting a very-important-rich-and-famous person that possibly sit right next to us. So many questions might go through all the fashion brains: Am I dressed cooler than the one next to me? Will some blogger ask to take a picture of me? … and who is that girl that has been spotted by the photographers just a second ago???
Well, it wasn’t me! Nobody ask for a picture of my outfit or the number of my dermatologist. I prepared my camera for what might come next and I was happy like a little kid when finally the show began.

Irene Luft has introduced a very nice elegant Spring / Summer collection for 2012. I love the fresh colors and the way she combined them with the lace details.

Hope you enjoy the little film. Please take a seat right next to me and enjoy!


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source: elle & socialitelife

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 – one of my favorite shows of Paris Fashion Week.
Nonchalant, elegant and scandalous. The look of the charming operator (photo #8) is as amazing as the attitude of Kate.

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Today is one one of these October Mondays I have a hard time to stand, cold and boring. It’s time for a light and tender post. I am totally in love with the new Chloé Spring collection 2011 presented in Paris.
Are you ready for a beige spring?

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via fashiongirl

Michael Kors spring collection 2011 is one of my favorite from NY fashion week.
Love the relaxed easy style and the soft colors. Simple and great in detail.  I am SO ready for spring!

Great interview with Michael Kors backstage.

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view here the beautiful alexander wang aftershow film, done by the lovely garance dore.
her films are simply the best.

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