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Paris in November looks even on a cloudy day pretty decadent and chic. My plants are jealous. Wearing already winter gear and waiting for the first snow is not as glamorous as posing on a Parisian balcony.

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Falling for Fall!? Ready or not. Here are my tips for improving good and bad days during Autumn:

Good days: Go for a walk. Breathe in, breathe out & discover.
Bad days: Watching nonstop old episodes of “Sex and the City”.

Good days: Go for a walk. Don’t forget your camera!
Bad days: Listen to Soko’s coolest Song “Shitty today”

Good days: Go for a walk and have a coffee with a person you love.
Bad days: Knitting warm winter hats. As many as possible!

Happy Fall everybody!

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It’s Monday and time for a little post.

Time flies and I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September. For me Autumn has always something magical. It’s not only the time of fashion week and revolutions. It’s also the time of starting school, university, a new job or moving to a new country. The air smells like changes and I am getting a little nervous and uncomfortable.

Getting inspired by the wind of change – I started working on my new website and than I was up for more! Something that couldn’t wait! I have ex-changed my wardrobe! So Bye bye Summer dresses and sandals. Welcome Cashmere!

… and what has changed for you?

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when mr. heavy rain and mrs. cold breeze came along tonight, i pulled out the cozyonthecouchblanket and cruised the web looking for some inspiration that could extend the summer just a little bit. well, i got stuck at the lovely michael kors fall10 collage of fashiongirl. can’t wait for fall to come to jump into some new outfits that look hot and keep warm.

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