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This winter is a sporty one. Challenging!
It turned cold again. Very cold!

I had to think of some sporty memories way back during school time. The finish of a 800m race. It’s all about the combination of speed and endurance. You reach the final turn and you go into the hardest sprint you have ever done. You’re going to try to pass everybody and FINISH STRONG!

For a reason these last days of winter have something in common with my nostalgic sporty memories.
Let’s warm up our frozen fashion hearts with fury details and take some time with Rose Melberg (thank you Ryan).

We can trick our mind. Enjoy the end of winter!

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A lousy Friday has not been on my wish list this week. The sky is gray, it turned really cold and I’m stuck at home with a broken finger and a bad mood. My plan B for this kind of days: some nice Scandinavian music. It always helps!
The lovely Nanna Øland Fabricius alias “Oh Land” made my day. Great voice, great style! Check out the “Big Ugly Yellow Couch” performance. It will turn a big ugly day into a happy one!

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Agnes Obel made my day! Her calming voice is like cream on the cake! Just what I need right now!

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Look at what Feist did now … ! This song didn’t leave my ears ever since I’ve heard it. It’s my favorite daydream right now, me singing this hidden beach canyon duet. Can’t wait for the DVD to drop into my post box. This poetic film documents the journey of Feist’s Grammy nominated album “The Reminder”.

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Solarium, A film by Moses Berkson starring Lykke Li.

Today I haven’t been as lykkelig as I wanted to be.  Lykke Li in concert – sold out within in a second. Ouch! For all those who will also drop a tear into a glass of red wine tonight ,  enjoy her short movie in the desert of love.

“A major heart break and a post tour depression drove a very delusional LL out to the desert with some friends and a super 8 camera. A major sun burn later, some shattered mirrors, I found myself, my ego, my thoughts, my expectations and my image to be a burden, hard to get rid of, if ever possible?
Silence my dear, let the images speak and listen to the sound of my broken drum.

How can one just be?”

Lykke Li

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