Garance Doré

Don’t miss NY Fashion Week!
Take a seat next to Garance Doré and you will have the time of your life. Discover the coolest details, the hottest designers and the most fun “Changing Lifestyles” tips on her blog. Her front row pictures and her sense of humor are brilliant. Greetings from my NYC couch.

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vivian maier

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, intellect, freshness and energy. I have heard that yellow also stands for jealousy. Looking at this great street style back in 1975, I get a little jealous. What a smart idea to have a color code when you’re a tourist!

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the selby

There is something I have been dreaming about for a while. My very own garden!
It doesn’t take much to escape the urban life. Just place a farm on top of your roof and poof! Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in New York is a dream come true for everyone with a green heart. What a cool space!  This girl knows how to life her dream and how to garden with style.

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I am so happy to share this lovely film about Scott Schuman’s visual life. The Sartorialist has been the first street style blog I’ve started to follow some years ago and it even became one of my daily routines. He is such an inspiration and I totally adore him for the details, the beauty and stories he is sharing.
I need to get a Canon 5d NOW! NOW! RIGHT NOW!

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