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The French have a lot of tricks when it comes to keep cool during summer.
Close the curtains, do a little nap, drink a glas of rosé (or two) and relax.

What do you do to keep cool?

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notquitesnowwhite // LaVilla1901 // Photo Babette Fischer
notquitesnowwhite // LaVilla1901 // Photo Babette Fischer
notquitesnowwhite // LaVilla1901 // Photo Babette Fischer
notquitesnowwhite // LaVilla1901 // Photo Babette Fischer5-0813
notquitesnowwhite // LaVilla1901 // Photo Babette Fischer


On my last trip to Paris, I fell in love with Jean Didier Georges. It’s the name of the cozy blue room at the adorable boutique hotel “La Villa 1901” in Nancy, France. The host Isabelle has turned the former family house into a luxurious hideaway and named the rooms after each of her kids. Love the touch of vintage, the colours and all the little details. So relaxed and sophisticated. Perfect! Argh, I really need to go back there.

Ps: Click on arrows to see more pictures.

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Any plans for the weekend? Are you in the mood for some fun vintage activities and flea markets in Berlin?
Here are my top 3:

Sat 6.10.2012, 18-24h The Wardrobe Vol.3, Night Clothing Market @ Platoon, Schönhauser Allee 9
Sun 7.10.2012, 10-18h Nowkoelln Flowmarkt @ Maybachufer, Neukölln
Sun 7.10.2012, 10-16h flea market @ Arkonaplatz, Mitte

… and one cool tip from Jana, who shared her favorite flea market on the NQSW fb-fanpage:

Sat 6.10.2012, 12-18h Blackbird Makes Party! flea market @ WYE, Skalitzer Post – Skalitzer Str.86

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It’s Monday and time for a little post.

Time flies and I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September. For me Autumn has always something magical. It’s not only the time of fashion week and revolutions. It’s also the time of starting school, university, a new job or moving to a new country. The air smells like changes and I am getting a little nervous and uncomfortable.

Getting inspired by the wind of change – I started working on my new website and than I was up for more! Something that couldn’t wait! I have ex-changed my wardrobe! So Bye bye Summer dresses and sandals. Welcome Cashmere!

… and what has changed for you?

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