The knitting season has started and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it. Knitting is so calming and sensual. Perfect to start with a little cashmere baby bobble hat. Love it to have fast results.

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The Winter in Berlin is just as creative as its people. This morning I’ve been so happy about the new graphics on my bathroom window, that I thought this kind of magic deserves a post … and I deserve a “ahhh – poor little thing”, because I do take a shower in this bathroom. Now you might understand why I signed up for Spring and the good news are – I’m on the waiting list. Yeah!!!

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Finally – tonight is the darkest night of the year and from now on the days are getting longer and longer.
Can’t wait for summer to come.

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inspiration from ikea

It’s almost x-mas!!! Everywhere but in my heart! Spending all day at work is not really helping to get in the mood for the best time of the year. I have a x-mas blues and I’m a little frustrated about being so late with everything. No presents, no snow, no x-mas decoration… I feel bad! Really bad!

So I light up a candle, get cozy on the couch and keep knitting my new red head. I’m happy that I’m healthy and almost in the mood for x-mas.

How do you feel about getting ready for x-mas?

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stockholm street style


This winter is a sporty one. Challenging!
It turned cold again. Very cold!

I had to think of some sporty memories way back during school time. The finish of a 800m race. It’s all about the combination of speed and endurance. You reach the final turn and you go into the hardest sprint you have ever done. You’re going to try to pass everybody and FINISH STRONG!

For a reason these last days of winter have something in common with my nostalgic sporty memories.
Let’s warm up our frozen fashion hearts with fury details and take some time with Rose Melberg (thank you Ryan).

We can trick our mind. Enjoy the end of winter!

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